3 Relaxing And Fun Reasons To Enjoy An Anna Maria Vacation

Anna Maria Island, located off of Florida’s gorgeous gulf coast, offers both tourists and locals alike an impressive array of reasons why this tropical destination is an area vacation hotspot. Shopping, island events and even destination weddings are all on the list of activities to participate in when enjoying this region of the sunshine state. However, the district’s undisturbed beaches, diverse assortment of native wildlife and opportunities for a day on the links all top this virtually endless list of relaxing and fun reasons why travelers of all ages and backgrounds will enjoy an Anna Maria vacation. World-Renowned Beaches With over seven miles of beautiful coastline, an Anna Maria vacation offers visitors an amazing seaside getaway. The Gulf of Mexico region has a global reputation for having ocean waters incomparable in warmth, clarity and gorgeous blue-green color. This region offers travelers some of the most breathtaking and pristine beaches in the world. Many days throughout the year the waves are mostly gentle rolling, perfect for splashing about at the shoreline or just leisurely drifting on a float. The sand is smooth, white as snow and fine as sugar, perfect for the little ones to dig around in and to build a sandcastle. Older travelers and couples can take scenic strolls, search for shells or watch a magnificent sunset melt into the ocean. With four unique beaches to explore, travelers of all ages will be sure to find something to enjoy while on an Anna Maria vacation.Diverse WildlifeThis island getaway also offers visitors an opportunity to sightsee and enjoy indigenous wildlife in abundance. Here bird species like Roseate Spoonbills, Great Blue Herons, Red Knots, Pelicans and Snowy Egrets fly freely among the many other varieties specific to the region. Frolicking schools of dolphins and manatees splashing around in the waves are also both very common occurrences. Tourists in the area from May through October can partake in the opportunity of a lifetime and witness the nesting and hatching of the endangered Sea Turtle. The island offers guided, educational tours for those interested in participating in this annual event.The area is also world renowned for its enjoyable and diverse fishing excursions. The entire traveling party can charter a boat for the day to try their luck at reeling in some fresh Grouper, Red Snapper or Mahi. Anglers looking for a more relaxing day can also simply drop a line off of the area’s three piers available to the public. Bottom line, both experienced and rookie rod and reelers can enjoy a perfect fishing outing while on an Anna Maria vacation.Abundance Of Golf CoursesAvid and amateur golfers alike will love making a tee time while on an Anna Maria vacation. The island offers more than 50 nearby golf courses sure to please any level of skill on the links. With the region’s warm, tropical, year round atmosphere, a golf day is easily attainable no matter when the trip is planned. Finally, a gulf coast golfing experience offers beautiful greens and lush foliage as a breathtaking backdrop to the game itself.With just a little insight on three of the island’s most relaxing and fun activities, enjoying an Anna Maria vacation year round proves a simple task.

Overseas Property, Technology And The Home Working Revolution That Is Already Underway

The 1970s saw predictions that would have us believe that by the 21st century we would be relaxing whilst technology took the strain. Well the 21st century is here and the leisure era has still to appear. However there is one prediction that I am pretty convinced will come true and that is that overseas property will become our homes. The evidence is here, those looking to retire are buying homes in preparation for retirement and some are commuting huge distances whilst they see their time out at work. The young are travelling greater distances to buy affordable property and are beginning to travel further to work than any of our grandparents would ever have considered. More and more companies are seeing the benefits of home working and soon economics will take precedence .Doubts over worker inefficiency will fade away and companies will soon positively encourage office workers to work at home. Computer telephones, secure access to company intranets, email, faxing are all available now. What will the technology enable us to achieve in years to come?Overseas property owners are set to live in their homesIt’s a fact technology allow us to do almost anything we did at the office now at home. So why not make it an overseas home a place of work. According to the findings of a national tour operator the next 10 years will see the UK commuter belt extend beyond the British Isles and far into Europe. Thomson Holidays predicted that more people will work remotely from their overseas home or from the town nearest to their overseas property by 2016, commuting in and out of the UK on a regular basis.Cheap flights will make commuting a real option cheap flights and overall better communications will assist the overseas home buyer to fly into work at relatively cheap prices. An overseas commuter belt will become established and commuters will consider their overseas home their primary residence. Prof Nick Middleton, presenter of UK TV Channel 4 travel shows Surviving Extremes and chairman of the Thomson Future Forum, said that in 10 years’ time “the way we travel and the reasons for travel will be vastly changed”. “The rapid advance of technology and global communications networks will make international commuting highly desirable and viable,” he added. Combining an overseas property in your favourite part of Europe may mean that your leisure time will be enhanced. The affordability of overseas property will be another great attraction for this new work culture. It would certainly balance the work life balance in favour of leisure time. So the Leisure era may after all be on its way after all.Copyright 2006 Nicholas Marr